Child Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy questions in Odia- It’s important to practice multiple choice questions on child development and pedagogy for any teaching entrance. Here you will get CDP questions in Odia for free. This post is for those who are residing in Odisha and apply for various teaching examinations like OSSTET, OTET, CT Entrance, M.ED entrance, CTET, etc.

Child development and pedagogy are an integral part of any teaching examination in India. If you want to be a teacher then you should have the knowledge of pedagogy and methodology of concerned subjects.

The teacher-aspirant should have knowledge of teaching methods and use of TLM in a classroom. Pedagogy gives us a wide variety of approaches and techniques for teaching and learning. compress image


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Child Development and Pedagogy PDF in Odia

Child development and pedagogy contain a wide variety of things like stages of development, differences between growth and development, motivation, learning, assessment, environment, etc.
We will break it down one by one and try to understand the aspect of it. If you want to understand the whole part of it then you should learn one by one.
First of all, we need to have knowledge of the stages of human growth and development, whether it is the infancy stage or adulthood.
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Difference between growth and development
  • Stages of Human Development
  • Types of Development
  • Factors Affecting development
  • Heredity and Environment
  • Socialization
  • Types of Socialization
  • Important Theories

Odia Pedagogy Book PDF

There are thousands of pedagogy books available in the market but I have selected some of the important books which will help you to score more marks in any teaching examination.
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